About “Reborn” art

The very first Reborn Dolls were made by Jose' Berenguer in 1944, but only in 1993, Jose' and Salvador Berenguer have founded the "Dolls by Berenguer" production company. Reborn is already widely known in Europe, gradually winning the hearts of people in other parts of the world, and many women have turned to the Reborn doll-making hobby, devoting a lot of time to it.

The thing that makes Reborn Doll unique is that it hand-painted as opposed to Berenguer dolls.

Blanks that made by sculptors are cast from vinyl. Next comes the hard work of master of reborning: multiple layers of paint, drawing the veins and capillaries, the application of the finest mohair yarns.

And of course, selection of clothing, and photographs.

No wonder, these dolls are gaining more and more fans around the world, as they are embedded pieces of masters.