About the Author

"At the beginning I fall into the essence of my creations,

and only then waste my love to the details..."

Sergio Bustamante


My name is Elina Belova and I live in Moscow.

My acquaintance with the Reborn Dolls happened in 2009 when I first picked up a "little girl". I became delighted.

I brought a "baby" home, and suddenly acutely realized that I want to create this beauty with my own hands.

Artist lives in the heart of everyone and it comes to life with the advent of true love.

Art of Reborn is the love of mine and I put a piece of my heart in each "child".

When I handle a work piece - I see the baby, and then recreate the work of the maximum similarity with it, carefully study all the details: the color of skin, wreaths, folds, blush, nails, hairs... I try to "revive" the doll.

 When creating my work, I use high quality materials that are non-toxic and are not subject to fade.

«Serenity revival» series dolls can become true family values, that are passed from generation to generation.

Thank you for visiting my web site and

See you soon!

Regards and best wishes,